PWNP meets once a month on the third Saturday from 5pm to 7:30pm.  Families share a meal and then the children go do a craft/activity with our activity director while the adults have a chance to share their experiences, stories and resources.


PWNP specializes in supporting families that have children that are being foster, foster adopted and kinship.  However, we are here to support ANY families that need resources to help them along the way of raising children with special needs.

Our Mission

Our Team

Kami Chase


Bill Greene
Vice President
Rob Chase



Child Care & Craft Director
John Benjamin
Val Benjamin
Debbie Greene
Kimberly Green

Member At Large

PWNP is a family focused support group and resource provider designed and committed to educate and support families, professionals and our community dealing with children with RAD, FAS, TBI, ADHD or any other difficult diagnosis.