The pain is real, scary and loud.  It's almost impossible to see the sun behind the clouds.  Don't lose hope; every day is a new day.  We have each other and together, we'll find a way.

Helping Hands
Resoures provider
It takes a village to raise a child

When:  Meetings are 3rd Saturday of the Month from 5pm to 7:30pm!

Following upcoming dates:  April 16th

                                                                 May 21st



Where:  Milliken Presbyterian Church, 201 S. Olive Ave, Milliken, CO  80543


ARC of Weld County       Raise the Future    

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(970) 587-2599

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(269) 317-3040

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Attn:  Kami Chase

117 W. Hawthorne St

Milliken, CO  80543

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